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  • Would you ask for 25% off your lawyer fees and expect the same level of service?

    And also ask that the fees not be paid if the advice provided does not work 100% in the six weeks following the provision of the advice? I dont think so. I certainly would not do the same and expect the same level of service from a recruiter. Recruiting like lawyering is a professional service.  And most recruiters ( unlike lawyers) do not charge a fee unless they find the right candidate that the client hires. Interactive Selection along with other UK recruiters was last week faced with this demand for a cut in agreed terms from a Midlands, UK based game developer who is not in fact recruiting but may do in the future.  I have declined this offer as I do not want my consultants only sending this ex client the poorer quality resumes. Other short sighted agencies have agreed to the lower fees to stay on the preferred supplier list. But the fact remains that the quality of candidate and so hires will fall. This is inevitable. It is a false economy.


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