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  • Women use agencies less? Interactive reveal gender data of registered job seekers.

    Interactive Selection, the leading games recruiter, has just undertaken a diversity audit to study the gender of the job seekers that have registered with the company over the years. It has never directly asked applicants for this data which would be discriminatory but has made general estimates looking at applicants christian names. In all only about 1 in 10 candidates who registered were female. In games development, the number who registered were c 7% or less than 1 in 15. In marketing the proportion of women rose to c. 25% or 1 in 4. David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection, commented on the results, as follows; ” These results can be reviewed in several ways. Firstly we know that the numbers of women in the games industry are frustratingly low and our experience could reflect industry demographics or we are under-performing against other agencies and need to do more to encourage women to trust us to help them with their careers. The other possibility is that women use recruitment agencies less than men, perhaps because personal networking is more important to women. In any event, I want to do more to help women work and progress their careers in the games sector which is why we give our wholehearted support to initiatives like Women in Games Jobs – see


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