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  • Women game developers earning 14% less than their male counterparts in the USA scandal.

    The results of the eighth annual salary survey made by Game Developer  magazine were  recently published in the Game Developer Career Guide 2009. A small paragraph at the end of the survey reports that “male game developers earned on average $11800 more than women with female game developers across all disciplines and all levels of experience averaging $68574.”  The stats also showed that women comprised a little more than 9% of the total workforce. Based on 3880 survey responses, it is likely that the sample size of women repsonding could be relatively low and no doubt there will be a skew caused by more women taking a higher proportion of jobs in production and QA.  But this does not alter the fact that there are too few women in the games industry earning too little wages.  Recruiterblog thinks that this is scandal and much more needs to be done to help more women into more, better paid jobs.


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