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  • Who would not want to work in the current 24 Billion Pound games industry?

    Leading publisher Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick recently opened the E3 trade show with a presentation. Kotick told attendant investors that he thinks the global video game industry would grow from $39 billion (24 Billion Pounds)  in 2008 to $55 billion (33 Billion Pounds) in 2012. As an antidote the other entertainment mediums, which are shrinking in the recession, he said that games are broadening to include a wider audience thanks to things like Wii. That’s why the firm has invested heavily in the new peripheral-based Tony Hawk: Ride and DJ Hero games, and wants to keep aggressively growing the Guitar Hero franchise. He also said that games are surviving the recession by offering more value per hour than other entertainment. Further proof of the industry’s resilience can be found in consumer spending, Kotick said. Gamers are spending 10 per cent more on titles today than they were a year ago, he said. Recruiterblog says that the best way to move into and within the games sector is with the help of a specialist recruiter like Interactive Selection. Go to  and discover if they can help you!


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