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  • Unpaid internships for recent UK graduates now a reality for employers.

    Employers from all sectors want to increase their organisations’ productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity. Graduate internships are a great way to do that – they build on our investment in graduate skills and are good for business, good for graduates and good for the economy. The problem has always been Minimum Wage legislation that has prohibited some companies from offering an internship. The UK Government encouraging additional graduate internship places to be offered in Autumn 2009 through the Graduate Talent Pool program – a website matching the needs of employers and recent graduates. Guidance notes specify “we accept that some employers, in certain circumstances, may wish to offer unpaid internships….. , it will ultimately be for graduates themselves to weigh up the potential benefits to their employability of any such internship offer, and so decide whether to accept it.”  Typically the internships look to be full-time, for 3 months and the employer is expected to pay the interns travel and lunch expenses. Recruiterblog welcomes this job market flexibility. If you are out of work, an internship offers real benefits. Yes, being paid is a realistic expectation but if the internship would not otherwise have existed, a graduate will still learn and benefit from the experience.


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