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  • Unity Technologies announces the appointment of David Lau-Kee as non-executive Chairman.

    Unity Technologies today announces the appointment of video game veteran and middleware pioneer David Lau-Kee as non-executive Chairman, to advise on strategy, growth, and share his industry connections in order to help Unity continue to empower the masses and transform the games industry in exciting new ways. David Lau-Kee brings 15 years of experience in the games industry to Unity, drawing upon roles as co-founder, President and CEO of Criterion Software Group, the world’s largest games middleware company and Vice President of Electronic Arts, as well as earlier high-level positions in global technology business including as General Manager, Canon Europe, to bring unique and invaluable strategic insight to Unity Technologies as the company continues its phenomenal growth. David Lau-Kee commented “The last several years has brought a plethora of entrants into the video game tools & middleware sector, but Unity is the only company I have found that has the technology, the people and the strategy to be truly transformational. Our community loves our Mac-based development platform, and we confirmed and demonstrated Unity for Windows at the yearly Unity developer conference in October. Mark my words, the democratization of the games industry has begun.”


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