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  • UK game development survey finds only 1 woman for every 15 men. Its official.

    TIGA has published the results of its first Game Software Developers’ Salary Survey. The survey, which was carried out in conjunction with HR specialists Hewitt Associates, was the most comprehensive on salary and other HR issues ever carried out for the industry, and included input from 10 UK developers – both independent and publisher-owned – covering 16 per cent of the UK total. Among many key findings, it established that just 6.6 per cent of the industry workforce is female, the equivalent of less than 1 women for every 15 men. Other key findings is that the average length of service for an employee is between seven and ten years, and the industry showed a staff turnover standing at 13 per cent.  Recruiterblog commented that the relatively long average length of service and low staff turnover figure compared to the generally perceived wisdom shows the UK games industry is maturing. The very poor diversity figures show a less than flattering image of the sector. There is no doubt that much more need to be done by trade bodies and each individual developer to put right years of indifference to promoting opportunities for more women to work in games. Interactive Selection has an initative now over 6 months old to promote diversity in games. See our campaign at Women in Games Jobs.


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