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  • The Vision for global external staffing industry revealed at CIETT London conference

    I was there sitting at the front of the REC/ CIETT World Employment Conference when Denis Pennel MD of CIETT revealed the groups 5 year vision at the Landmark Hotel in London on 24 May. Not much was said as all the information was on the slide pictured here but the message is profound.

    External recruiters over the next 5 years will support 280 million people in their careers.

    They will help 75 million young people enter the labour market for the first time.

    They will “upskill” 65 million people giving them more work choices.

    Recruiters will help create 18 million more jobs serving 13 million client companies with the right talented individuals to succeed.

    I was impressed. You should be impressed. The external staffing/agency work  industry has come along way in the last 30 years.


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