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  • The LinkedIn phenomenon is over 6 years old. Now 43 million members.

    LinkedIn_logoLinkedin launched in May 2003. In June 2009 it had reached a membership of 43 million members. So did anyone see this coming? Recruiterblog signed up in February 2004 before the site had 1/2 million members. What recruiter could not be interested in seeing so many CVs line? David Smith has consistently had more Linkedin contacts than anyone else within the “computer games” industry. But the novelty is starting to wear thin. More and more recruiters seem to be making unsolicited approaches to experienced game  developers. So much so that recruiters without well maintained databases are just using Linked In to find candidates that they will the tout round to potential employers. It is difficult to stop this bandwagon effect. The challenge is now for Linkedin users to differentiate between the professionals and the cowboys. Recommendations help in this regard but you need to read the quality not look at the quantity. Beware recruiters setting up groups for the public good, when all they want is your email address. I think the next 6 years will see more phenomenal growth but my hope is that the pioneers will continue to be recognised and innovate as the platform develops.


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