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  • MediaGuardian article 2 November calls for taxbreaks for recruiters ???

    You saw it here first! In the front page article, “A fistful of dollars” printed on 2 November 2009, Charles Arthur examined who’s making money from the web, and who’s in the last chance saloon contrasting, UK Recorded Music, Newspapers, Television and Video Games (inc hardware.) Video games have grown from £1.22 billion in 2000 […]


    Tax breaks for the games industry not a high priority under a Tory government.

    Ed Vaizey, the Shadow Minister for the Culture and Creative Industries Sector, gave the clearest indication yet that the tax breaks requested by the UK games sector were unlikely in the early years of a new Conservative administration because of other demands on the public purse. Speaking yesterday at the “Best of British” event organised by Game […]


    Can$263 million buys Ubisoft 800 new games jobs in Toronto, Canada

    The Canadian Government of Ontario is investing Can$263 million (140 million GBP) over 10 years to help Ubisoft build a new game development studio of 800 people by 2019. Ubisoft are expecting to invest a further Can$550 million (290 million GBP) to bring the total investment to Can$800 million (420 million GBP).  Now it is […]