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  • Show up for scheduled interviews – first lesson for new graduates

    We have just had 2 out of 2 no shows for interviews at Interactive Selection today. No email, no phone call, just silence. These interviews are for new graduates with no work experience, and presumably not much interview experience. This was not a party invite or an optional ‘turn up if you feel like it’ chat but interviews agreed on the phone and confirmed in writing by email. Neil J******n was coming from East London and George N********s was coming from South West London. If you know them, please tell them that they have let us and themselves down. There may be a good excuse and there is still time to let us hear it. But it is not a brilliant recommendation for new grads when there are so few jobs out there at the moment. Still we did meet 2 great graduates yesterday.


    4 comments to Show up for scheduled interviews – first lesson for new graduates

    • Juan Pineda

      wow a once in a life time opportunity getting a interview and didn’t show up.

    • King Liang Hau

      Im a new graduate and it is very difficult looking for a job at the moment so it is pretty weird that they have done so. i was wondering if these 2 vacancies are still available?

    • David

      Still no feedback from the 2 applicants, but we have found someone who we think we will be very good. BTW please don’t try and guess the names of the no shows. They will know who they are, but it is not my intention to go completly public.

    • balionline

      Great jobs info, I will keep visit your blog for other jobs opportunities.