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  • Sharon Price was a Senior Producer at Outso and was previously a Project Manager at Free Radical Design. She considers herself good at solving problems on the fly, and diffusing crisis situations efficiently and effectively. God of War, COD5 and Tomb Raider help keep her button mashing thumbs ready for action. Sharon met Antonia Cullum of Women in Games Jobs at the recent Develop conference in Brighton. A former hairstylist she switched very successfully to the games industry 2 1/2 years ago. Her advice for those considering joining the games industry: “I would say just do it, take the chance you’ve got nothing to lose. The industry is incredibly welcoming. People really do bring new comers into the fold and if you show people you are willing to learn, that you want to be in the industry and that you have a passion. There are so many skills that are transferable, so I would say go for it, take a chance, you’ve got nothing to lose.”


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