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  • Scottish Government establishes University Centre of Excellence in Games Education.

    The Scottish Parliament has awarded the University of Abertay a GBP 3 million grant to expand and improve its operations dedicated to videogames education. “The global, interactive, creative media sector has a potential market value to Scotland of up to GBP 68 billion by 2012,” Abertay’s principal and vice-chancellor professor Bernard King. “This significant capacity-building investment by the Scottish Government establishes Abertay as Scotland’s University Centre of Excellence. It recognises that Scotland can be a global leader in this sector, and that Abertay can drive that ambition by providing graduates with the necessary world-class skills to succeed.”  Recruiterblog asks where is England’s Centre of Excellence? Where is the UK government’s investment in training for a world leading industry? Where is the Games-Education Fund to promote industrial secondments, research fellowships, education outreach and knowledge transfer programmes?


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