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  • Ricky Haggett of Brit micro developer HoneySlug speaks to Game Careers .BIZ

    Ricky Haggett CEO of HoneySlug met David Smith of Interactive Selection and  Game Careers .BIZ at the Develop conference in Brighton 2010. Honeyslug are a small, North London dev studio who make interesting, original little titles across a number of platforms. Ricky started Honeyslug in 2008 with fellow Morpheme alumni Mark Inman and Nat Marco. In 18 months they’ve created a number of premium web and iPhone games, a budget PC game called My Pet Dinosaur, and Kahoots – a launch title for Sony’s PSP Minis channel. If you like the cut of their jib, whether it’s about current titles, press, video game jobs or work for hire, why not contact Ricky.
    His advice to job seekers: “I can only really talk about my end of the industry which is a much smaller scale and team. I would say there’s never been a better time to get into making games. The amounts of tools out there like game maker, flash, and unity; there are tons of tools that make it very easy east for people to get into making games. And there is a whole world of communities out there to support so if you check out website such as There are plenty of places to go to find people who can help out an get you started making games.”


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