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  • Recruitment Industry Head calls on recruiters to promote a more diverse workforce.

    David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection and Founder of Women in Games Jobs talked to Kevin Green, the CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Here’s what Kevin said about its 4000 recruiter members doing much more to promote diversity amongst employers, including those in the games industry.

    “As an industry I think we’ve got a lot to be very proud of. I think one of the opportunities for the recruitment industry is to play a more active role in working with their clients to promote diversity, particularly in industries like the games industry where you have a high preponderance of males in the workforce.

    I think recruiters can be more proactive in promoting the opportunities of bringing more people from a diverse background into their workforces. But also demonstrating the value and the value comes from making sure workforces are in line with the communities that they serve. And again it has been proven in many situations that the more diverse a workforce, the more it represents the community that it services, the more creative and innovative that it is, and the ability to create great products and services is obviously driven by a fundamental creative process so the more people you have of different views and opinions with different perspectives adding value to organisational success. “


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