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  • REC endorses TIGA Best Practice Guide: Recruitment & Selection in Games Industry.

    David Smith of Interactive Selection spoke with Kevin Green, CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, REC. Kevin comments on TIGA’s best practice recruitment guide for the whole of the games industry:

    “I think it’s really good news. I think it’s important that recruiters do more than just do their core job, I think there is a real opportunity for recruiters to play a role in educating and working with the end users to improve best practice in recruitment, And that’s in everyone’s interest. It helps the job seeker, the person or the candidate looking for a new role. It helps the employer make sure they make the right hire. But it also ensures that they are using a third party recruitment company operating within the realms of best practice. So I think it works for all parts of the recruitment chain.

    Secondly I think it is really important that recruiters add value and I think you are to be commended in doing this piece of work in the games industry – an innovative fast moving dynamic industry where a recruitment process can get lost in the mix. Again, I think amplifying what best practice looks like, holding the mirror up, demonstrating to companies that the value they get by doing recruiting effectively is good news. And again what I like about the guide is that it’s very practical, it’s got lots of tools, hints and tips. I think that’s what people are looking for, some practical advice and not tomes of employment law, so I think the tool itself is really good news. It will really help the games industry.

    I also think that for recruiters generally there is a huge opportunity to do more of this activity which is to look at their own industry, promote best practice because it’s in everyone’s interest in the long term to make sure that companies get the right people for the right job, and that the candidates go through the best experience possible.”

    This guide was written by Interactive Selection and is available from TIGA website or free from your regular Interactive Selection contact.


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