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  • Reality of H-1B visas for USA - 120000 applicants for quota of 65000 in 2 days.

    It has been impossible for US games companies to bring in overseas nationals for at least 6 years. There is a small quota of visas and these are massively oversubscribed on the day of release 1st April. Game developers need overseas talent to join in line with their project timetable and cannot wait until the next 1st April to partake in the lottery of current applications. It is a non starter even for those companies with the best immigration lawyers. The recent downturn has increased calls from protectionists in the USA that see US workers without a job. It is political hot potato to change the current system. If you are interested in working in games in the USA, our advice is to consider Canada or other attractive locations like Australia. Interactive Selection has hundreds of clients around the world so please contacts us to hear more. The Lou Dobbs report from March 10, 2008 on how there is no tech worker Shortage and how the H-1B guest worker Visa program has been proven to “labor arbitrage” US workers.


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