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  • Poll reveals little loyalty to recruiters when job seeker is out of work and anxious for a job.

    A Linked In poll set up by David Smith of Interactive Selection reveals that desperate times call for all measures when a job seeker is looking for a new job. 46% of respondents would use any and every means at their disposal to get their CV through to a potential employer. This means direct applications, using friends and using multiple agencies. Only 1 in 5 said that they would make only direct applications. Recruiters came worse off. Only 13% of respondents said that they would be loyal to work with 1 chosen recruiters. Just as few said that they would rely on using just their friends. Unsurprisingly those using multiple recruiters look to be using these recruiters after they have explored all other avenues. You can see poll results at Recruiterblog laments the lack of trust or loyalty shown to professional agents but understands that in todays’ difficult marketplace, it make sense that no stone is left unturned when someone is out of work.


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