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  • Personality tests – top tips for passing the psychometric challenge.

    OK. You cannot “fail” a personality test. There is no right or wrong answer. But there are ways to get the best out of them. More and more organisations use psychometric testing to help identify candidates for specific roles. They are objective and fair looking at what drives motivation which drives performance. Never to be used in isolation, they can complement interviews to help put square pegs in to square holes. Top tips when taking a test include:

    1. Be focussed. Make sure you have uninterrrupted time to do the test online.

    2. Don’t over-deliberate on the questions. Be honest. Make sure you answer the questions in “work mode”.

    3.  Always ask for feedback on the test. This was you can learn something about yourself, even if you don’t get offered the job.

    4. Remember there is no perfect personality. The same personality doing the same job will fit in much better in a company with a certain culture.  A different culture with different challenges all play to different strengths.

    Interactive Selection offer psychometric testing to clients but there is not yet a big take up of these forms of testing in the interactive entertainment sector.


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