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  • Over 100000 watch Interactive's Game Careers and Women in Games Jobs videos on YouTube

    Over 100000 have watched Interactive Selection’s Game Careers and Women in Games Jobs videos on YouTube. You can check the full 170 uploaded videos yourself at . The first video on the channel was launched in July 2009 and is a global favourite with visitors from all over the world.  Stats reveal 24% of the viewers on average are female. No other international recruiter offers this service to prospective job seekers in the video and online games industry.


    2 comments to Over 100000 watch Interactive’s Game Careers and Women in Games Jobs videos on YouTube

    • Sylvia

      I am interested in becoming a game tester and was wondering how do I get started. Also I checked out a couple other sites and they require a fee to get started. Is this for all employment as a game tester?

    • KR

      Not sure really, if you search for game companies you will find that int there post they will an option as Gamer Tester too. I did that, but have not luck. They were looking for a tester with Latin American dominion of the Spanish language, and I am a student in Game Design, born in a Latino country live there for over 30 years, hold a Bachelor from a Latino country, Bilingual and still didn’t get the job. I don’t believe they have that many of us out there sadly, they are looking for teenagers that only play games and have no real life responsibilities.