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  • MediaGuardian article 2 November calls for taxbreaks for recruiters ???

    guardian1You saw it here first! In the front page article, “A fistful of dollars” printed on 2 November 2009, Charles Arthur examined who’s making money from the web, and who’s in the last chance saloon contrasting, UK Recorded Music, Newspapers, Television and Video Games (inc hardware.) Video games have grown from £1.22 billion in 2000 to £4.03 billion in 2008. In a paragraph summarising the views of Lord Mandelson on the respective industry the paragraph continues:
    “Mandy FoF?: Despite complaints and a vigorous industry lobbying campaign for tax breaks for games publishers and recruiters ( bold typeface added by Recruiterblog), Mandelson doesn’t seem to know that video games do better business than music in the UK.” See for yourself at

    Recruiterblog welcomes the call for taxbreaks to go to UK recruiters as well as games publishers from the Gruniad. Recruiters are competing in the world market as much as anyone else.


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