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  • LinkedIn DirectAd stats reveal concentration of women in games in USA.

    There are 6 times more women in the USA with “computer games” listed as their industry on their LinkedIn profile compared to the number of women in the same sector in the next highest country Canada and 10 times more than the UK. The USA boasts 9400 women in games with LinkedIn profiles compared to 1400 in Canada and 900 in the UK. Now these stats are completely at the mercy of the penetration of LinkedIn in the different countries and by the propensity of women to declare their gender by geographical location but they do make interesting reading. In absolute terms LinkedIn reports 2010 women in the San Francisco Bay Area and 1445 women in Los Angeles. It suggests that the LinkedIn group just launched by Women In Games Jobs with 600 current members has attracted just 1 in 50 of the possible total female audience. Comparing the genders of LinkedIn users by country in the computer games industry may be trying to overanalyse the stats but the USA looks to have a ratio of men to women of 4:1 compared to 5:1 in Canada and a poor 9:1 in the UK. It looks as if women outside of North America have much further to go compared to their counterparts in the USA and Canada.


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