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  • Jobs seekers beware! Your social networking sites can cost you a job.

    Employers use social networking sites like Linked In, Plaxo and Facebook to screen potential candidates. The survey of more than 450 employers found that 53% used social networking sites to research job candidates, while 12% plan to do so.  Around 43% of employers said what they had seen on social networking sites had caused them not to hire the candidate, according to a survey from

    The top reasons were:

    • Candidate lied about qualifications – (38%)
    • Candidate displayed poor communication skills – (31%)
    • Candidate used discriminatory comments – (13%)
    • Candidate posted content about their use of drink or drugs – (10%)
    • Candidate uploaded provocative or inappropriate photographs or information – (9%)
    • Candidate bad-mouthed their previous employer, colleagues or clients – (9%)
    • Candidate shared confidential information from workplace – (8%)

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    • Social Network Design

      This is a new thing for me. Thanks for sharing admin

    • Al Giovetti

      I was told by a PR event that it was impossible for me to be legitimate press and to also be a certified public accountant and a college professor. They read my profile on linked in and took me off a longstanding guest list to an evening event at CES and E3. They were very nasty about the whole affair and even insulted me when I and others called on my behalf to vet me.