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  • Is the reputation of your recruiter important to you?

    So Nintendo leads Microsoft and Sony in the  “Most Reputable” List. Nintendo has been named as the sixth most reputable company in the world in a new annual survey, ahead of Microsoft at number 30 and Sony at number 126. Research firm the Reputation Institute has rated over 1000 companies from 20 industry categories, although this is the first time that Nintendo – the only pure videogames company in the list – has been included. Recruiterblog wonders when the reputation of different recruitment agencies will come under the same scrutiny. Too often rogue recruiters with appalling reputations to those in the know, are allowed to stay on Preferred Supplier Lists because employers are not good at evaluating reputation. What often counts, for example, is how quickly an agency gets a CV into the employer, not whether the candidate has been properly briefed on the role and expressly approved the CV submission. Roll on the day when there is sufficient publicity on the bad guys and they get drummed out of the market.


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