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  • Interactive pass REC Compliance Test. Shows 100% commitment to professional standards.

    REC Compliance (640x293)Congratulations! You have passed the REC’s Compliance Test. You have successfully achieved a percentage of at least 75% and have answered all the Red Flag questions, if relevant, correctly. Your score has now been recorded against your organisation record. As an REC Member you will now be required to complete the online Compliance Test every two years to demonstrate your commitment to professional standards.

    The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has introduced an online compliance test to assess an agency’s knowledge of the relevant industry legislation and the REC Code of Professional Practice (REC Code). By doing this REC can determine if new applicants for membership can become full REC members and whether existing REC members can renew and retain their membership.

    Interactive Selection passed the REC’s Compliance Test first time with a score of 100%. As a job seeker or employee, you can trust Interactive Selection to maintain professional standards.



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