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  • Interactive Selection is short-listed as Service Provider of the Year in TIGA Awards

    Interactive Selection has been short-listed for the prestigious TIGA Awards with 7 other service companies working closely with game developers in the UK. The TIGA awards celebrate and honour the best games, the best people and the biggest contributors to the games sector. They highlight best practice and reward those in the industry contributing to its long-term innovation. The awards night will take place as part of Extended Play Festival’s after hours events on Thursday 1st November 2012 at The Assembly Rooms in Bath.

    The winners are to be determined by a panel of the finest judges but to help them with their decision, we would like to think that TIGA supports the highest standards in recruitment and could acknowledge the work of all but particularly the very best recruiters within our sector,  helping to improve the image of this valuable but unpublicised service.

    Interactive Selection wrote this year the TIGA’s Best Practice Guide to Recruitment & Selection in the Games Industry. This document is the first of its kind produced by any games trade association anywhere in the world! Packed with great advice, and endorsed by the REC, this adds real value to TIGA membership.

    Interactive Selection has been an affiliate member openly supporting TIGA for 12 years. Only 1 service provider in this sector has committed to TIGA from day 1 and continues to do so.

    Interactive Selection is also keen to raise awareness of gender imbalance and diversity in games sector. Not everyone thanks us for raising this difficult subject but we believe it is a making a difference for the benefit of the whole industry with the creation of Women In Games Jobs (WIGJ). WIGJ  is “not for profit” and works to recruit more women into the games industry by promoting role models and giving encouragement and information to those women seeking to work in games. It also campaigns to make the games industry a more attractive field for women, both for new entrants and to retain women already working in the industry.

    Thanks to everyone that nominated us and wish us luck!


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