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  • Interactive Selection invited to lunch at UK's House of Commons

    Interactive Selection today attended a lunch at the House of Commons organised by Tom Watson , MP, and TIGA, the UK game developers association in the magnificent Palace of Westminister designed by Charles Barry.  The foundation stone was laid in 1840;  the Lords Chamber was completed in 1847, and the Commons Chamber in 1852. Although most of the work had been carried out by 1860, construction was not finished until a decade afterwards. Barry, whose own architectural style was more classical than Gothic, built the new palace upon the neo-classical principle of symmetry. Apparently he relied heavily on Augustus Pugin for the sumptuous and distinctive Gothic interiors, including wallpapers, carvings, stained glass, floor tiles, metalwork and furniture. In the presiding speeches there was mutual appreciation expressed for the games industry continuously reinventing itself and our system of government that moves a bit slower. However, the question of when parliament will do significantly more that host a lunch was still on everyone’s lips.


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