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  • Games programmer needed for 6 month home based contract in UK

    gcbuttonAre you an experienced game programmer who would relish the opportunty to work from home? 

    You can do so if you have:

         Expert C++ and Java development skills

         Experience in writing interactive graphical applications in OpenGL or Direct3D

         Experience in writing network-centric applications in both low-latency and high-latency environments

         Knowledge of AI techniques

         Knowledge of modelling physics, dynamics and collision detection

         Knowledge of popular scripting systems (Javascript, LUA etc)


    And you get your CV quickly to our client through Game Contractor. Please contact Game contractor immediately on


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    • Paul Kruszewski

      I am writing you with regards to your posted programmer position.

      We are a team of crack AI/UE3/game play programming experts. Our customers include Autodesk, BioWare, EA Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Intel. Our credits in Army of TWO: the 40th day; Project Offset and Deus Ex 3. Our skills include
      • AI architecture
      • Low level path finding (AI.implant, Kynapse, UE3, home grown, etc.)
      • High level behaviour trees (our proprietary codebase can be used to accelerate your development)
      • General game AI programming
      • Crowd simulation (
      • NPC design
      • General UE3 programming
      • General character animation (technical set up, programming, related middleware including Human IK, etc.)

      If you are interested in contractors for this position, we would be interested in discussing this opportunity with you.



      Dr. Paul A. Kruszewski
      President | GRIP Entertainment
      c: 514.586.5306