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  • Games Industry is now playing with the big boys in the playground.

    The games industry has historically suffered the problem that all new industries face which is being taken seriously by national and local government and quasi government institutions that have been built up to serve the existing, long standing industries. The games industry does not fit in nicely to established structures. Yes it is a new industry in the Media sector but it also has a strong technology bias. This is well illustrated by a look at the UK governments Skill Councils. One exists for the creative industries sector: Skillset and one exists for information technology: E-skills. Skillset looks at games as just another of its 10 creative industries. E-skills looked on games as just another subset of the information technology sector.

    This has all changed with the recently published Government’s response to Next Gen. Transforming the UK into the world’s leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries. Firstly the Government has not just taken notice, officially,of a research paper and its recommendations prepared by the games ( and the visual effects sectors) but it has also responded publicly and in 85 paragraphs of detail. Yes this is great fillip for those s in the games industry that think the government never listen but most of all, the response sets out clearly its view on how the games industry should be interacting with the other players in the playground. This means that the other institutions like the Sector Skills sectors have to play ball and work closely with the games industry if they are to keep in with central government masters.

    Institutions like e-skills UK, The Computer Clubs for Girls, STEM Clubs, STEMNET, NESTA, The Department of Education, Skillset, The National Skills Academy for IT now have the Governments recommendations to study as does the games industry. It is now expected that these bodies will work together for the good of transforming the UK into the world’s leading talent hub for the games and VFX industries. The games industry is now playing with the big boys.


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