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  • Feedback from the first WIGJ London Meet Up on March 14th

    55 attended. A big thanks to Alison Cressey for speaking and to our sponsors.

    Gemma Thomson A superb idea, and a fabulous night! It was great to meet so many new people, and the atmosphere was really friendly. I am, by nature, quite a shy person, so it felt great to be in such familiar-feeling company. Thank you, everyone.

    Teresa Ellen Mardel Was a really good night. It was nice to meet like minded individuals and talk about games!

    Yaiza Varona I had a wonderful time and found the speech very interesting. The event organization was flawless and the people who attendes were so friendly that it was a joy to share some insights. Thanks so much for having organised this, looking forward to the next one.

    Debbie (Weefz) Timmins Great people. Loved that it was useful and informative without being too “Rah, Rah, Women!”

    Diane Hutchinson It was really delighful to meet all the new women at the first official meet up in London. It was actually really great to walk into a room filled with ambitious women, who have been working within the video games industry or those striving to make their first career footsteps into the world of video games, whether it be in the development, PR, or journalism side of things. Usually I spent so much time going to events, where there is not even a woman within 2 feet of a video game console, so it was delightful seeing a room filled with women who shared the same interests. It was lovely to exchange news, from game’s women had been playing or university courses women had enroled in. It was very interesting.

    Enough said. Next event 11th July during the Develop conference in Brighton,


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