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  • David W. Smith reaches 3000 LinkedIn connections. Are you well connected?

    Social networking is an important element of career development in the modern world. LinkedIn has over 100 million members. David W. Smith, MD of Interactive Selection and Game Contractor and Founder, Women in Games Jobs has reached the milestone of 3000 connections. “I joined inside the first 200,000 seeing the benefits of every one’s career profiles online,” quoted David. “I am now one of the most connected individuals in the interactive entertainment industry which gives me a real advantage in staying in touch with all the many people that have come in contact with Interactive Selection over the years. I do not use LinkedIn aggressively to target potential job seekers like some recruiters but see it as a great way to keep me and my company in touch so that we can learn from each other moving forward.  I am not an open networker and only accept requests to link where I see some benefit for both parties.” If you are reading this and not yet connected, you can see his profile at Please feel free to request a link if you know of Interactive Selection or are in one of his LinkedIn professional groups.


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