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  • David Smith to speak on gender equality at GIS Panel at Game Connection America

    Games Industry Support PanelThe 6th edition of the Games Industry Support (GIS) Day is officially on at Game Connection America in San Francisco on Tuesday March 26th ! It will be a 2-hours meeting reserved for associations and association members only.  By banding together all related organizations in the industry, the GIS board will provide useful resources and information to better articulate, discuss and confront issues inside the interactive entertainment community.

    Among the subjects to discuss at this meeting are  next-gen consoles, tax breaks (UK coming up), gender equality, academic research collaboration and fraud. David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection and Founder of Women in Games Jobs will be leading a discussion on gender equality in the games industry, a hot topic of debate. Other panellists include Per Strömbäck, Managing Director at Spelplan (Association of Swedish Game Developers), Ian Kelso, President & CEO Interactive Ontario and Mikko Kähärä, Head of ICT Growth Services at Cursor Oy.




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