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  • David Smith live on BBC News Channel on games industry, jobs and unemployed.

    David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection, found himself live in front of BBC News anchors Simon McCoy and Carrie Gracie at 10.43 today for an interview about the games industry and the topic of start ups and jobs. For a full 3 minutes he fielded questions on the state of the games industry today, how it may fare providing new jobs moving forward and how the unemployed may want to find a job within computer games. He pointed out how the games industry had grown from nowhere to 30000 jobs in the last 20 years but this growth may not necessarily continue. He made it clear that the government needed to create the right fiscal environment for the sector to thrive and create new jobs.  McCoy was familiar with the tax breaks awarded by the Canadian government and Smith commented that the industry needed similar breaks if  it was to compete with other countries on an even playing field. The result of no investment in the UK games infrastructure would be the UK slipping down the international league table of games production. Already 4th behind Canada, the UK was shortly to be overtaken by China to go into 5th place. On unemployed games professionals, Smith reassured Gracie that almost all would quickly find jobs with other games companies. On the the subject of the UK unemployed, Smith encouraged everyone to look at the games industry as an option. “Everyone had to start somewhere.” Advice was also given on universities and training and the option of starting a career as a professional games tester. “It was fun to meet Simon and Gracie”, commented David Smith “and a great opportunity for viewers to learn more about the games industry.”


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