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  • David Helgason CEO of Unity Technologies speaks to GameCareeers.BIZ

    An entrepreneur, visionary, and ex-programmer, David’s job is to lead the team making Unity, Unity Pro, Asset Server, iPhone and iPhone Pro to stardom, while making sure that each step is taken with love and care. In the past David founded and participated in startups in fields such as news and community integration, music distribution, and consulting. David serves on the boards of several games and technology startups and a day after the interview with David Smith of Game Careers  picked up the Develop Magazine’s coveted Grand Prix Award and Technical Innovation Award at the Develop Conference. Based in Denmark, Lithuania, the UK and USA, his advice on those looking to work for Unity: “First, be super good at the technical bits. Second, have a real commitment to the possibilities of good technology made simple. We really want people to take care of the user and have a humble attitude. That is the most important beyond of course the raw skills.”


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