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  • David Amor, Director of Relentless Software meets GameCareers.BIZ

    David Amor is Creative Director of Relentess Software which is synonymous with the Buzz! franchise that’s sold over eight million copies. Relentless has grown from a small team of 11 to a 100-strong studio that specialises in making games to be played in a social environment. They are proud to have won many awards and accolades along the way. David met with David Smith from Game Careers at the Develop conference in Brighton in July 2010. His main tip to work at Relentless is “you must have demonstrable talent. If you’re asking people for a leap of faith with your talent described only through the CV given, that is hard. I think any employer about to hire someone is going to expect the new person not to start and be useful on day one but at least help them feel that in a month’s time this person can be used on a project. So you need something that demonstrates your talent. The other thing that is more pragmatic is that sometimes the ideal job doesn’t come out and perfectly fits what you want to do in your CV. But if you’re in a company and you demonstrate you are smart at what you do then other opportunities will arise from that. So I would say be ready to start in a position that isn’t exactly what you want to do or the salary you want, but get in and demonstrate that you can do a good job and it will lead to other things.”


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