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  • Colin Anderson of digital toy factory Denki gives jobs advice to Game Careers.

    Colin Anderson, MD of Denki, the World’s first digital toy factory, in Dundee, Scotland, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Develop in Brighton. Denki believes that computer and videogames are first and foremost about the toys inside. Formed in March 2000, Denki has created 180 individual games in under nine years, establishing a reputation for creativity and efficient development, and picking up a number of industry awards along the way. Denki has now moved on to creating a new generation of games for platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade, Wii, iPhone and other new technologies. Prior to founding Denki, Colin started and led the audio department at DMA Design, which went on to become one of the most widely respected audio facilities in the industry, winning numerous awards and critical acclaim in titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Body Harvest, Space Station Silicon Valley and Wild Metal Country.

    His advice for job seekers looking to apply to a company like Denki: “It’s all about doing, less about saying what you can do. Its all about evidence. Making games is a craft, and like any craft the way to get better at it is to repeat the process over and over. Its almost like being a joiner or cabinet maker. If you are passionate about making cabinets not only will you be able to make cabinets and show you can make cabinets, you will also be able to demonstrate by showing all the cabinets you made along the way that actually didn’t work out so well. There is a waste product from making things, and that waste product that you generate is proof of the commitment you have to your craft. So for me, when I interview people the first thing I want to see is what you have made and what you have done. I don’t care whether you are applying to be a musician, artist, programmer, designer, producer or writer, it really doesn’t matter what your skill set is, if you put in the hours to learn your craft, you will have things you can show me.” See the full interview in the clip below.


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