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  • Job seekers reluctant to acknowledge use of a recruiter in public

    The Develop conference ended with a whimper yesterday as the customary eve of conference party was moved to after the awards on Wednesday.  Interactive Selection had a good 2 days of meetings with Recruitment Managers and Directors already committed as clients or recruitment managers or Directors considering the benefits of the use of Interactive as a professional recruiter. It was significantly less busy then previous years and I think attendance was down. But there was a higher proportion of missed meetings and more people than usual were pretending that they did not know me as a recruiter. I do find it odd that recruitment professionals are treated as “best friends” when someone is looking for a job and the conversation is private but that we are a potential embarrassment when a person is no longer looking for a job or the encounter is in public. Normally a nod or a wink is sign that you are still a “best friend”, which is fine, but I will say that those that blank you or pretend that they do not know you can be irritating. But recruiters are professional and understand that it might not be cool to be seen with someone whose one crime has been to work hard for the individual for the love of their job so I will say nothing more about it.


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