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  • Candidate hesitates with games job offer – a cautionary tale

    British Senior Artist working in Australia is offered a job for a game developer in mainland Europe that he really likes. Brit is getting married shortly. The company knows this and is happy for him. Candidate thinks it would be good for his future wife to be able to work in Europe but this is not possible under local work permit regulations. Candidate hesitates and asks developer to check again to see if the developer can help find work for his future wife. Developer interviews another less qualified candidates from UK and withdraws offer from candidate in Australia. The reality is that soon to be Australian wife would have been happy to do a college course or to study a European language to be with her husband at this dream job in mainland Europe. The morale of this story is NEVER to hesitate with a job offer in front of an employer in the current market. If a job seeker still has reservations, these should be ironed out in private after a 100%, unequivocal acceptance of the offer in hand.


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