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  • Can$263 million buys Ubisoft 800 new games jobs in Toronto, Canada

    The Canadian Government of Ontario is investing Can$263 million (140 million GBP) over 10 years to help Ubisoft build a new game development studio of 800 people by 2019. Ubisoft are expecting to invest a further Can$550 million (290 million GBP) to bring the total investment to Can$800 million (420 million GBP).  Now it is not easy to do the sums when working over a 10 year time scale but the government subsidy per person must be in the order of 90000 GBP per person or 9000 GBP per person per year. This would be comparable to the wage subsidy given by the Government of Quebec to the Ubisoft studio in Montreal. This is one of the best subsidy deals in the world for game development but has to be a good deal for Toronto or they would not be agreeing to pay it!  Recruiterblog says 2 things: 1) get your Cv into Ubisoft for a role in Toronto. 2) Wake up UK Government and smell the coffee or the UK won’t have much of a game development industry left when all the Brits have gone to Canada, just as all the French have already gone.


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