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  • Blitz Games in UK leads drive for Stereoscopic 3D Games.

    blitz3dRecruiterblog attended a great GDC session given by Andrew Oliver, CTO, and Aaron Allport, R&D Manager entitled “Games in Stereoscopic 3D – The Next Dimension is Finally Here”.  Hollywood is investing hundreds of millions of dollars into 3D but videogames can lead the 3D revolution and bring it into the home and the British have a lead here. Using proprietary technology, Andrew & Aaron gave an exclusive, live demo of a game running in Stereoscopic 3D on a console. The games was Invincible Tiger from Namco Bandai running at 1080p, 120 frames per second and, wearing the inevitable 3D glasses, it looked pretty hot to me. On the job front, this makes Blitz Games a great prospect. Blitz are an Interactive Selection client.
    A video of the first part of this presentation is available here.


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