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  • Beware game recruiters advertising multiple oversea roles without a relationship with the developer.

    Recruiterblog has seen more and more jobs advertised on a speculative basis to attract candidates in to registering with the agency, when the agency does not have agreed terms with the end client and has no active permission to work on these advertised roles. This used to be a problem many years ago when small agencies were starting out and needed to show they had jobs to fill before they could attract any job seekers. Now it seems that many more agencies from the IT and other sectors who have very few IT jobs in the recession (and realise they are in the wrong market) are carrying the jobs of mega studios like UbiSoft in Montreal. This phenomenon is misleading job seekers and is partly the inevitable result of a minority of studios who will accept a resume from any recruiter of whatever integrity, rather than establish good relationships with a smaller number of the very best recruiters in the market. Please be advised that the best game recruiters will NOT work with studios that operate like this.  It is not good recruiting practice as it creates a false impression and can raise false hopes. Above all, the best game recruiters have very many other, established developer clients where time can be invested building a relationship for the benefit of both the job seeker and the game developer.


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