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  • Back into work within 6 months, or your money back – 6 months subscription £59.99

    “We know it’s tough out there; in fact things haven’t been this tough for over a decade. We believe everyone should have the best chance of getting the job they deserve, and we’re so confident that we will help you back to work in six months that we promise to refund your subscription if you haven’t been successful by then.”  This is the eye catching headline from a “career” website selling “online tools”. These tools are available on this site “cannot be accessed as a package or for free anywhere else. By subscribing, you can seamlessly manage all elements of your job search in one, single campaign. Can you really afford not to invest in your future when this site can cost less than 50 pence a day?” Recruiterblog says please don’t be taken in by this nonsense! A good recruiter will do all that a web site could do and so much more and, of course, for free. Don’t trust you career to a piece of software without the pretty obvious benefit of having a real person to talk to about your career, even if the average recruitment consultant can be busy and difficult to get hold of. Recruitment agents are not allowed to charge a fee to help a job seeker find a job. The value of a good agent is so much more than 50p a day!


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