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  • Andy Robson of Develop award winning QA firm Testology speaks to Game Careers

    Andy Robson has been working in QA and test in the video games industry since 1994 when he joined Bullfrog Productions and ran the department as Head of Testing, working closely with Peter Molyneux. In 1998 he followed Molyneux to work at the newly formed Lionhead Studios as the Head of Testing. During this time, Andy has worked on over 30 AAA titles spanning all platforms. David Smith from Interactive Selection met with Andy at the recent Develop Conference in Brighton, UK. Andy’s advice to prospective teters: ” “I would say the biggest challenge is getting into the industry. Testing is a good way to get a foot into the door. A lot of people think that road isn’t viable, but is a massive way into the industry. We like to give people an opportunity as there is a lot of untapped talent out there that play a lot of games in their bedrooms and in their lounges at home that don’t know they have got the skill set suited to this industry. At Testology, that is what we are really great at is giving people opportunities to get into the industry whether they have experience or not. Most of the best people come from not having any experience so we are willing to see anyone or anybody.”


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