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  • Ana Kronschnabl CEO of Fluffylogic in South West tells all to GameCareers.BIZ

    FluffyLogic is based in central Bristol working in film, digital media, Internet (and networked) content, video games and hand-held devices (such as PlayStation Portable). Ana met with David Smith of Game Careers at the recent Develop conference in Brighton. Her advice to anyone thinking of working for one of he hottest studios in the South West of the UK is “”Email me. But email me with why you like games and why you want to work for Fluffylogic. If what you want is a career ladder, then we are probably not the best company because we are not huge. You are not going to work your way up the company in that kind of way. What you will get is lots of experience, and experience in a pretty open organisation. We have meetings where everyone can put into what our next games idea will be. It’s very approachable and easy going and from that point of view it is a very nice place to work.”


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