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  • Ali Bergstrom-Allen Production Head for Sony PlayStation Home speaks to WiG Jobs

    Ali Bergstrom-Allen, Head of Production for Sony PlayStation Home, met with Antonia Cullum of Women in Games Jobs at the Develop conference in Brighton. Her advice to those seeking a job in the games industry. “The games industry is massive with lots of different sides to it – production, marketing, pr, music etc so don’t just go for the obvious roles if you are not sure. Investigate as much as you can in all the levels of what you could possibly do. Once you are in, get in at a low level, get on as many training courses as you can. If you are getting in as an Assistant Producer, offer to take notes at every meeting, even if it is not in your immediate area, as you learn so much by doing this. If you don’t know what they are talking about, write it down and ask them later. That’s how I learnt. It is the only way you can learn by being in there and asking.” And apologies to Ali that technical issues have given her hair the green tinge.


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