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  • “A free recruitment service designed to save you time and money” scam

    We received a letter today from a “leading provider of Government-funded Work Programme” who is “helping hundreds of small businesses like yours in London to find reliable, committed staff”. The letter even uses a quote from a UK government minister who says:

    “Recruitment is a grind. Money spent on advertising. Too many CVs, or sometimes none at all. The slog of sifting through them, and hoping you have picked the right one. Wouldn’t you prefer a service that did that for you for free? Work Programme providers will get to know you and your business. They’ll get to know all the potential recruits. And they’ll bring you a small selection to choose from. Doesn’t that sound a better way to do business?”

    A free recruitment service from the government? It sounds too good to be true and well, yes, I am afraid it is. If you visit the company’s website you find that all the candidates that they can present to you are the UK’s unemployed. This does not appear to be a recruitment service provided by recruitment professionals searching out the best person for the job in a company competing fiercely against others in the UK and overseas. Interactive Selection is looking for experienced recruitment professionals to add to its team, for example. This is a private company hoping to secure additional government funds by reducing the unemployment statistics!

    Don’t get me wrong. Helping the long term unemployed is good and should be funded by government but please don’t dress this up as a recruitment service supporting small businesses in London. The letter quotes a successful placement from “an innovative car-cleaning business” that found the service a success, which is great for those that want to wash cars. In my opinion most small businesses need well trained staff with up to date skill-sets and, when hiring, need a professional recruitment service that will reflect the added value it provides.





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