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  • Interactive commits to Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms on Women on Boards

    Search firms like Interactive are committed to helping their clients increase the effectiveness of their boards and senior executive teams and acknowledge the value that diversity brings; they readily acknowledge the important role their profession needs to play in supporting chairs, nominations committees, CEOs and CHROs as they take steps to enhance the diversity on their boards, in both executive and non-executive roles, and in their senior executive ranks. The key areas of focus include increasing the proportion of women and broadening ethnic diversity.
    The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms (The Code), lays out steps for search firms to follow across the search process, from accepting a brief through to induction.

    The provisions of the Code cover 1. Board Succession Planning; 2. Executive Succession Planning; 3. Diversity Goals; 4. Defining Briefs; 5. Longlists/Shortlists; 6. Candidate Support; 7. Supporting Candidate Selection; 8. Induction; 9. Embedding Best Practice; 10. Signalling Commitment; and 11. Broadening the Candidate Pool.

    The revised Code has now been signed up to by over 40 search firms, who collectively account for the vast majority of the board work in the UK. All have committed to following the Code’s provisions in their board and senior executive search processes, irrespective of sector, company and organisation and to ensuring that the 11 provisions of the Code are embedded in their day to day practices.

    In line with Provision 10, Interactive signals its commitment to supporting diversity on boards and in senior executive ranks, and its adherence to the Code.


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