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  • Interactive commits to Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms on Women on Boards

    Search firms like Interactive are committed to helping their clients increase the effectiveness of their boards and senior executive teams and acknowledge the value that diversity brings; they readily acknowledge the important role their profession needs to play in supporting chairs, nominations committees, CEOs and CHROs as they take steps to enhance the diversity on […]


    Createch - the fastest growing sector in UK - where Creativity meets Technology.

    Createch is where creativity meets technology, and the fastest growing sector of the UK economy. On 13th June 2017, business leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives met in London to define and showcase this new global opportunity. You heard it here first. Watch the video and get involved. We can help you source the talent. Jobs in […]


    Interactive offer the most experienced Non Executive Directors in Games sector.

    A non executive directorship is an appointment to the board of a company on a part time basis. The work of a non executive director (NED) generally involves making business introductions and attending board meetings, with the aim of jump starting the company’s success through the provision of experienced, intelligent advice to the company board, the chairman […]