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  • 427,000 job vacancies in the UK at end of July 2009.

    There were 427,000 job vacancies in the three months to July 2009, down 26,000 from the three months to April 2009 and down 203,000 from a year earlier. There were 1.6 vacancies per 100 employee jobs, down 0.1 on the previous quarter and down 0.8 over the year. This comes from the monthly Statistical Bulletin published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics. More details at   
    The number of unemployed people, the unemployment rate and the claimant count have increased. The employment rate and the number of employed people have fallen. There are fewer vacancies. There are more inactive people of working age and the inactivity rate is up. Recruiterblog says the outlook all looks pretty dismal at national level but dont forget  a few sectors are performing well and the rest performing even worse than the average.


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