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  • Mitu Khandaker, Founder, The Tiniest Shark - one woman games development team in UK

    Mitu Khandaker is a videogames PhD researcher and an independent game developer, running her own company, The Tiniest Shark. Most recently, she’s been working on her game, Redshirt, a comedy sci-fi social networking simulator. Mitu was named one of Develop magazine’s “30 Under 30” most promising game developers in the U.K. in 2012, and provides […]


    42 years of games design | Meet Don Daglow, President of Daglow Entertainment, LLC

    Game Careers was excited to chat with game designer and long-time game developer Don Daglow, president and creative director of Daglow Entertainment, LLC, an online game development studio founded in 2011. Don’s career in game design began on mainframe computers in 1971 (before Pong), and he has been designing successful online titles since 1987 (before […]


    Interactive Meet Robin Hunicke, Executive Producer on Journey and Co-Founder, Funomena

    David Smith for Game Careers and Interactive Selection was thrilled to chat with game designer and producer Robin Hunicke, perhaps best known for her role as executive producer on blockbuster PSN game Journey. Her game titles include family-friendly franchises like The Sims2, MySims, whimsical online game Glitch and Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox for Nintendo Wii. […]


    Interactive meets Noah Falstein, newly appointed Chief Game Designer at Google

    David Smith MD of Interactive Selection and Game Careers recently sat down with Noah Falstein, newly announced as Chief Game Designer at Google, to talk about how to breaking into the biz as a game designer. Noah entered the game industry in 1980 as one of the first ten employees at Lucasfilm Games (later LucasArts […]


    Interactive Selection interview Wright Bagwell, Director of Design on Farmville II from Zynga.

    Game Careers was lucky to talk with Wright Bagwell, Director of Design at Zynga, shortly before his presentation on Farmville 2 at GDC in San Francisco. Wright joined Zynga in 2011, and is currently a director of design. In 1996, his obsession with making Quake mods compelled him to abandon his doctorate work in neuroscience, […]


    FIRP Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals - David Smith

    Interactive Selection is proud to announce that its MD, David Smith, has been elected as a  Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. IRP membership demonstrates to fellow recruiters, clients and job seekers that a member is:

    * Dedicated to minimising risk to a clients’ brand values and reputation.

    * Committed to safeguarding the recruitment industry’s Code Of Ethics and to increasing its credibility

    * Serious […]


    Interactive meets Susan Gold, Founder of Global Game Jam - the world's largest hackathon focused on game development.

    David Smith from Interactive Selection and Game Careers recently had the chance to speak with Susan Gold, professor of game design at Full Sail University and president of the Global Game Jam at GDC. Susan joined the faculty of Full Sail University’s Graduate in 2009, after founding the annual Global Game Jam, an experiment in […]


    Game Careers “Thought Leaders” series features Assassins Creed 3 Creative Director Alex Hutchinson

    Game Careers recently spoke with Ubisoft’s Alex Hutchinson at GDC in San Francisco, where he spoke on an Assassin’s Creed III panel, covering project collaboration. Alex is currently the creative director on Assassin’s Creed III at Ubisoft Montreal.  Previously, he was creative director at EA Montreal on Army of Two: The 40th Day. Alex was also […]


    Interactive launch “Thought Leaders,” a new video series on Game Careers with Richard Rouse from Xbox

    Game Careers was fortunate to catch up with Richard Rouse III at GDC in San Francisco, where he was presenting his latest session on game design. Richard is a game designer and writer at Microsoft Game Studios, working on unannounced projects. Previously, he was narrative director on the Rainbow 6 franchise at Ubisoft Montreal. During a […]


    Interactive MD David Smith added to formidable list of speakers at Quo Vadis conference in Berlin

    Quo Vadis has become Germany’s largest conference for topics related to the video game industry. First chosen in 2007, the Berlin venue embodies everything games are about: youth culture, creativity and a love of play. The event takes place in Berlin 23-25 April. Richard Garriott will hold a keynote at this years Quo Vadis talking about […]